Inverting Self


A performance lecture on handstand, in–betweens and transitions

Inverting Self is a performance lecture where the artist combines artistic research with personal confessions.

For two years, Signe Løve Anderskov worked on an artistic research project at SKH in Stockholm. Halfway she became pregnant and decided to include the transformation of the body in her studies of different bodily awarenesses in the inverted body.

Based on a photo exhibition, Anderskov moves from storytelling to handstand performance, and lets the different layers of the work intertwine. The project is a unique insight into a female artist’s personal work, and a poetic documentation of life transitions in an artist’s body.


Inverting Self is a photo exhibition with 180 photos documenting one year of ambivalent transformation and a talk (in English) and a performance.

Inverting Self is artistic research, documentary, autofiction,  storytelling,  and more. It circles around the themes of motherhood in the arts (and how to avoid it…), phenomenology, the private and the professional body, explorations of virtuosity and awkwardness in circus (and in life).

Duration: 45 min.


Inverting Self is suited for circus festivals, theater festivals, art schools, higher education, curious men and women of all kinds.


It has been presented at SKH/Stockholm, DYNAMO/Odense, C!CAF festival/Copenhagen, Rydal Cirkusfestival/Sweden and FunFatale circus festival/Czech Republic



Signe Løve Anderskov is a Danish handstand artist, educated from the Russian state circus school. She has been part of the Danish circus company Cikaros since 2005. In 2021, she completed a MFA in contemporary circus practices from SKH Stockholm.